We have been selling Evinrude and Johnson products since 1960. We know our outboards. We are famous for evinrude boat repairs Perth and outboard repairs Perth.

If you are putting a new engine on your new boat or re-powering your current boat, we can help. We have fitted thousands of engines to all kinds of boats. By asking our customers how they use their boat and what they are trying to achieve we select the right outboard and prop for the job. We are the best in marine boat repairs in Perth area of Western Australia.

We pride ourselves on quality, not a rush job that cuts corners and compromises your investment. We consistently get better performance from our engine fit ups because we go the extra mile. Subtle differences to how the engine is fitted and propped will make your boat go faster, use less fuel or be easier to control. If the engine is fitted incorrectly, it can perform poorly; reduce engine life, even to the extent of making it fail.

Why take your boat all over town, we can upgrade your steering to hydraulic, repair or rewire your electrical system, fit electrical or mechanical accessories all while your new or pre owned engine is being fitted.

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