Muhling Marine



Muhling Marine is a company with a team of committed, positive and successful people who are always striving to be balanced, integrated and honest.

We will work within our 14 points of culture to make sure that everyone who touches or is touched by the Muhling Marine team will benefit greatly or enjoy their time on the water more so. We are in the business of recreation on the water.

We will educate our selves and our clients whom we work with on how to look after their water based recreation equipment and how to have more enjoyment while using that equipment.



Since the year 1950, John mauling has been into marine business with a Seagull dealership. At that time the company was called “John Muhling Marine Pty Ltd” and was based on Stirling Hwy Claremont.
In the year 1960, John Muhling Marine was appointed as an Evinrude dealer, which enabled the company to have an access to Evinrude and Johnson products. Gradually John elabortaed his business and naturally became one of the most reputed Evinrude dealer. In the late 1980’s, John started stepping away from the business and leave his son Stephen to carry on the business further.

Stephen decided to move the company from Stirling Hwy location to Osborne Park, the existing premises. The purpose of the shift and the building was to giiving more service for fitting new larger outboards. It made increase company status and cliental growth.

In the year 2000 due to some family causes Stephen and his family permanently moved to Queensland and sold the business. The new owner carried on the business for next 7 years until August 2007 on which year, James Muhling stepped into the business. James Muhling (Stephen’s Cousin) worked under Stephen in the late eighty’s in both the Claremont and Osborne Park premises.

It was a quite natural transition for James to combine his marine boats repairs Perth business from Wangara to the larger and better equipped premises in Osborne Park. The finally new combined business is now known as “Muhling Marine”.

Muhling Marine, basically a family business, which is passionate about Evinrude’s and has been into the business for nearly 50 years. The new team at Muhling Marine is committed to making the company stronger through unparalleled service to our customers and with high quality products.